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Our Mission
June 2015
Top Supplier

BT&T and Bhatia Aerospace have proved to be the top supplier in the range of
Hand tools,Metrology,SPM,GSE,Hangar,
Apron,Runway and airport support Equipment.
We have made our presence felt surely and steadily. The customer all over India and and in Asian countries now reach out to BT&T for a best resourceful service.BT&T has gone global with its product expertise and is poised to grow both vertically and laterally. BT&T dedicated team is surely a force to reckon with.

June 2010
The presence in the Airports

In 2010 the Bhatia's decided to contribute their might for the airport development too. State of the art airport equipment were brought forth along with the manufacturers for high lighting the latest technology.

Nov 2005

The lateral growth too took place in the year 2005 with the aircraft repair and maintainance setting up their state of the art facility all over the country.Bhatia's were ready to serve the Military and Commercial aeroplanes when she came back for the repairs to send her safely back to the skies.

JUN 2000
We Served our first government order

The vertical growth of the company escalated by year 2000 with our Ground Support Products proving our marketing prowress and the customers coming back for more. Aircraft is like a bride when she lands and has to be done up and sent back safely to the skies. Bhatia's with their diligent service did just that and more supporting the aircraft manufacturers,and aircraft operators.

MAR 1995
First Full scale deployment

Our first full scale deployment took place in the year 1995 when we started getting orders from top Industries which were engaged in manufacturing aircrafts and other Heavy Industrial products in India and neighbouring countries.The Special Purpose Machinery were added as exclusive products with a perfect understanding with Principals overseas.Very soon we became the perfect bridge between the manufacturers overseas and the aerospace manufacturers within India.

AUG 1987
First office

We set our first office in Bangalore in the year 1987 as a single start up company in the field of Hand tools.By virtue of the customers demands the entire range of Metrology was then added on to our product range.

Started in 1987
Aircraft is like a bride when she lands. She has to be sent back safely to the skies.